The Full Story


The APEX Museum has a phenomenal volunteer staff of professional program developers. Black directors, writers, actors, filmmakers, and of course historians are actively creating content that expounds on our journey...past, present, and future. These programs will translate, transform, educate, and give audiences from around the globe content they can appreciate. From theatrical presentations to film and tv productions, we are ready to share our stories with the world. 



APEX Theater presentations

Our partnership with theatrical professionals will yield a myriad of plays, skits, monologues, musicals, and more. Written, directed, and performed by local talent, these events will be held in the intimate setting of our main gallery.  

Program Announcements Coming Soon!


The APEX Museum has embarked on the creation of a television network that will host several channels. History, Movies, Music, Documentaries, and more. A series of original shows with a mixture of works from expert content providers.

 Stay tuned for the release to be announced.

Filming in a Studio