Blacks on Stamps: A Celebration of Black History Makers

Lesson Plan 1

WHO AM I? ? ? ?

Grades: 3 -12                           Time: 15 minutes/15 Questions

Instructions:  After you have learned about the Black history makers honored on stamps, challenge yourself, friends or classmates to a game of trivia. 

1.  I am the first African American to be honored on a United States postal stamp. I founded the Tuskeegee Institute in Alabama. Who am I?

2.  I am the founder of the city of Chicago. Who am I?

3.  I am the first African American female to be honored on a United States postal stamp. I freed over 300 enslaved Blacks. Who am I?

4.  I won the Heavyweight Boxing title three times and went to prison for refusing to fight in Veitnam. Who am I?

5.  I am female journalist who waged an anti-lynching crusade, was a founder of the NAACP, and founded the first suffrage club for Black women. Who am I?

6.  I am considered the "Father of Black History" and created what is now Black History Month. I also wrote the classic book, Miseducation of the Negro. Who am I?

7.  I am known as the "queen of gospel music." I sang at the March on Washington in 1963 and at the funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Who am I?

8.  I am a writer who garned acclaim for my insights on race, spirituality and humanity. I wrote Go Tell It On The Mountain. Who am I?

9.  I am the first African American tennis player to win a Grand Slam Tournament. The stadium where the U.S. Open is played is named after me. Who am I?

10.  I am the first female self-made millionaire in the United States. I made my fortune creating a hair and beauty company. Who am I?

11.  I am the first African American to receive a pilot's license, which I earned in France after being denied entry into flight schools in the United States. Who am I?

12.  I successfully argued against segregated schools in the Brown vs. Board of Education case, and became the first African American Supreme Court Justice. Who am I?

13.  I was once a famous minister in the Nation of Islam who argued for black separation from whites. I advocated for justice, "by any means necessary." Who am I?

14.  I am one of the greatest intellectuals of the 20th Century. I am the first African American to earn a degree from Harvard and wrote the famous book, Souls of Black Folk. Who am I?

15.  In 1968, I became the first African American woman elected to the United States Congress. In 1972, I became the first woman to run for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination. Who am I?

Answers: 1. M 2. J 3. C 4. O 5. G 6. E 7. L 8. D 9. N 10. A 11. F 12. K 13. H 14. B 15. I

Where Every Month Is Black History Month!