Museum Books

APEX Museum encourages and supports self-education and enlightenment through the use of books, reading. Below you will find a list of books directly affiliated with the APEX Museum. Please browse through the selection, and feel free to make a purchase, not only to support the museum but to further your journey of self-education.


Black Code

A compilation of Georgia laws created to restrict and extinguish the lives and lifestyles of Blacks and Native Americans.

Georgia Music Masters

Georgia's Music Masters is an overview of the many writers, composers, performers and producers that have provided the songs and sounds that moved Atlanta and the world. They have inspired, encouraged and comforted us on this journey. We salute the musical talent that has enriched our lives.

The Warring: A Family in Covenant with God

A look at the Warring Family in Philadelphia, PA and their journey from the 1800's to present.

Ant Cestor Celebrates Kwanzaa

Ant Cestor Celebrates Kwanzaa and explains its meaning and purpose. This charming story talks about the principles of Kwanzaa its purpose and the applications to everyday life. While the celebration is seasonal the principles are useful all year long. 

More Than Meets the Eye: Public Art in Atlanta

More Than Meets the Eye is a comprehensive look behind the scenes of public art in Atlanta. The statues and murals that celebrate the rich Black history of the city is showcased along with the talented artist creating the works. 

Surviving and  Thriving: Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a disease that affects one in six men. Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin malignancy in American men. 

Ant Cestor Talks Math

This charming children's story tells about Cedric and his aunt, Ant Cestor who teaches him various lessons. she explains the origin of math in this first edition and its origins in Africa. Delightful and encouraging message for children.

Africa The Untold Story

Africa The Untold Story is a pictorial chronology of the history and development of Africa and its people. Spanning more than 3.6 million years, this book highlights the contributions of Africa to the world. 

The APEX Museum Celebrates 40 Years

The APEX (African American Panoramic Experience) Museum in Atlanta, GA is celebrating its 40th anniversary

In Search of a Match Black and White

A look at the disparities in finding a cure for leukemia, sickle cell and other blood disorders.

Sweet Auburn Street Of Pride

A pictorial history of the street Fortune Magazine in 1957 called "The Richest Negro Street in the World." It is Atlanta's Sweet Auburn Avenue.

Reflections of Life, Love, & legacy

A twenty year collection of inspirational poetry quotes and writings on love, life and events.