The APEX Museum provides an unprecedented, culturally balanced look at history from ancient African civilizations to contemporary Black America.  The impact of this experience provides inspiration, motivation, and enlightenment to the many people of color who visit.  APEX Museum helps support the foundation laid by ancestors whose sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears have made it possible for society to advance to where it is today.

For the visitors of other races and cultures, it is an eye-opening experience that will help erase the stereotypical images propagandized by society about Africans and African Americans.  It provides a significant step forward toward true diversity and the acceptance and appreciation of people of other cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

Ambassador Andrew Young

DR. Nassim JafarNaimi, PhD. and TA

CT Vivian

Susan Taylor

Kwanza Candle Lighting Ceremony

The King Family

Coretta Scott-King

Ossie Davis