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Mr. Dan Moore Sr., founder of the Apex Museum, Reflects on the history of Sweet Auburn Avenue

The APEX Museum Where Every Month Is Black History Month! 

Nestled on a street once known as The Richest Negro Street in the World (Fortune Magazine, 1956); sitting directly across from a 107 year old business started by a former slave (Alonzo Herdon), and housed within a 100 year old building erected brick by brick by African-American masons; lies the APEX Museum.  

The APEX Museum is the oldest Black History Museum located in the city of Atlanta. It was founded in 1978 by veteran filmmaker Dan Moore Sr., who was inspired by the life of Dr. Benjamin Mays.  Over 65,000 individuals visit the APEX Museum from all 50 states as well as 50 foreign countries.  The museum maintains a diverse and educating display by routinely changing its exhibits on a quarterly schedule and is the only museum in Metropolitan Atlanta solely dedicated to telling the rich and often untold story of people of the African Diaspora.


The name APEX is an acronym for African American Panoramic Experience, and thus provides visitors with a complete view of African and African American history and culture.

The mission of the APEX Museum is to interpret and present history from an African American perspective to help all Americans and international visitors better understand and appreciate the contributions of African Americans to America and the world.


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