American and international visitors can better understand and appreciate the contributions of African Americans to America by visiting these permanent exhibits at the APEX Museum.  The exhibits are designed to create a personal experience between the artifacts and the visitors, an experience that allows them to resonate with a place during a period that may be unfathomable for them today. 

The exhibits span from “Africa the Untold Story” to “Sweet Auburn Street Pride.”   Africa the Untold Story allows visitors to learn about the richest continent in the world, its people, its contributions, and its culture throughout the last 6,000 plus years.  While Sweet Auburn Street of Pride features a more localized history including a replica of Yates and Milton Drug Store, one of Atlanta's first African American owned businesses, and the stories of early African-American pioneers in Atlanta.

Women in Stem
The Georgia Negro
Africa the Untold Story
The MAAFA (The African Holocaust)
Sweet Auburn Street of Pride
Yates and Milton Drugstore
Trolley Wide View



Online Exhibits:

The Georgia Negro Exhibit

African Americans on Stamps

In-House Exhibits:

Africa the Untold Story

Black Codes in Georgia

Women in Stem